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    no, hard pass. look I'm not some Watchmen purist, I have my fair share of issues with it, but Doomsday Clock has proven [to me] that Johns is not the guy for anything Watchmen related; he just doesn't have the voice for it. if by "Doomsday Clock sequel" they mean sticking to the Mime, Marionette, and their child [lil Manhattan] in the DC universe in a story in his regular format/style, then sure, why not. otherwise? nah, no thanks. this is DC tho, I wouldn't be surprised if they did it, I just hope it doesn't become one of those continuity keystone stories (Metal, Final Crisis, Flashpoint, etc.) like Doomsday Clock is going to be.
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    Finish Batman: Earth One Vol. 3 first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
    Finish Batman: Earth One Vol. 3 first.
    Hell, why not focus on getting Shazam back on track?
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    I haven't read the conclusion just yet so, who knows, it might be terrible but I would be happy with more. I would think that OGNs would be the way to go, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerr View Post
    Why do people complain so much about waiting? Really? Wouldn't you rather have a good story and wait a little longer, than a half-assed one with sloppy artwork sooner?
    It kind of reminds me of this experiment where they leave a little kid in a room with a peace of candy, and tell them, that if they don't eat it in the next few minutes they can have two instead. Then see which child will wait for the bigger reward and which one will chose the instant gratification.
    It's sad that people nowadays are so impatient about everything. And have to be satisfied at the very second.

    If Marvel comics pulled this stunt-the backlash let alone attacks on employees would be off the chain. Since a certain group screams "professionalism" is needed at BOTH companies.

    How did they MISS this 2 year wait.

    If Johns could not have done it in the time allowed-how about hold up releasing ANYTHING until everyone is ready?

    If you are Firestorm fan this was NOT a good story for you. Especially Jason fans-who got told to F off. Then they WONDER why folks are hesitant to support new characters.

    In the world of business you can NOT sit around for as long as DC did with this. Because you don't know what your competition is going to do.

    What if this had came out on time? Before Hickman's X-Men, Ewing's Hulk, Spiderverse, Carol Danvers actually selling, Bendis's Superman, The assassination of Wally West (Heroes in Crisis) and so on?

    How much money did you lose? Because others bought OTHER books? Meanwhile you got comic book stores like mine having to toss books in the 25 cent sales to move them. Or dollar sales?

    No we don't need them to do another book. Because both of them prove they can't do it as a 12 part series. Maybe an OGN but not a single issue comic book.

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    The book sold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timber Wolf-By-Night View Post
    You think Geoff "Silver Age Fanboy Extraordinaire" Johns gives a damn about Jason Rusch? Especially after Gerry Conway, the creator of Firestorm, restored the Firestorm matrix to the original duo of Raymond and Stein and openly talked about how, inhis opinion, that should have never changed, treating Rusch like a butt-monkey in the process? I guarantee you that Johns, and certainly Conway, consider Jason Rusch to be of little to no importance to the Firestorm legacy in the long run.
    Jason should never have been created. Originally Mike Carey was going to relaunch firestorm with a new twist on the concept and when that fell through DiDio still wanted a new spin on the character and hired Dan Jolley who essentially just retold firestorms story except this time it was a “black dude from the hood”

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    Quote Originally Posted by sifighter View Post
    I’d prefer the three jokers storyline gets started first before a doomsday clock sequel.
    I’ve still been waiting on Rise of the Seven Seas. You think it’s happening next year *delusions intensify*

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    I prefer DC just give Johns back the JSA for now and one day give GL back to him after Morrison leaves they were my favorite runs of his.

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