In anime, a dere is an archetype of characters that are usually lovey dovey, but end up expressing their feelings and emotions in different ways. This is mostly for love interests, but can be used to describe even the main characters. Here is a list, as well as some links explaining what each term means:
Tsundere-aloof and harsh
Yandere-obsessed with their love
Deredere-friendly and kind to all
Dandere-strong and silent
Himedere-wants to be treated like a princess
Oujidere-wants to be treated like a prince
Bakadere-clumsy, dumb
Kamidere-god complex
Kuudere-quiet and cold
Undere-yes person, wants to be and stay close to love
Mayadere-loves the enemy
Bodere-shy with tendency to lash out
Hinedere-cold and arrogant
Nyandere-has cat-like tendencies and traits
Dorodere-nice on the outside, disturbed on the inside
Darudere-very lazy
Yottadere-always drunk

So, which Movie and TV characters falls into which category for you?