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    Default Will 5G really be All That to telecommunications?

    Note: we're talking about the communications technology here, not the DC comic event.

    So, I hear two thing about this.

    One camp holds 5G as the key to autonomous vehicles and a host of other civilization-altering advances.

    Another camp dismisses it as a sales gimmick, holding that the signal is so finicky and easily blocked that it's going to prove near useless.

    The US is frantic to keep China from owning its distribution, and China is just as frantic to become THE dominant 5G provider. So somebody thinks it means something.

    Your thoughts?

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    5G probably won't even make it to my state for years and when it does it will only cover the larger cities meaning the other 97% of the state will be 4G and even 3G at best.

    As such I don't really even think about it.

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    Nah. Now 6G is where it's at.
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    In a word - no.

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