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    Default Assemble a Team of Spies and Operatives

    The Plot Gods give you the assignment of becoming the world's greatest spymaster and information broker. After a year of operations, you will then learn of a rival organization which the Plot Gods charge you to bring down.

    To this end, they grant that you may assemble a team of six spies/operatives to serve as your agents, and one additional figure to save as your executive officer and advisor.

    You also get numbered, offshore accounts equal to $1 billion dollars, to fund your start-up costs.

    * Each spy/operative must be from a different universe.

    * No chosen figure can be more powerful than Captain America, 616-version, or Winter Soldier, MCU version, generally speaking.

    * All your people will be completely loyal to you via Plot God fiat. So evil spies and operatives are a viable option (although you may not like their methods).

    * You, yourself, get a free health boost, curing you of whatever ails you, and also get your I.Q. raised to 165, assuming it's not that or higher already.

    * No using your team as a harem. Sorry, it doesn't get that good. The Plot Gods, in their generosity, give you the option of choosing a single concubine, so you can let off steam and, yourself, avoid falling prey to an enemy honeytrap. The concubine is delighted to have the job and considers it a great honor.

    Pick your lucky seven! Plus one, if you must.
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    I don't think was necessarily the intention, but the opening post of this thread has you basically pick one character to be your own personal concubine, and that character is somehow very enthusiastic to be nothing more than your sex slave.


    I'm feeling this crosses a few lines past creepy. We don't have 'ends in sex' any more, or threads about 'Who would you like to have sex with?' for a reason. A very good reason.

    I'm sorry but the thread will be closed.
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