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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendaran View Post
    For example, you're given the following for the Hulk:

    You reply with:

    Meaning you reply to the Hulk's performance with one massively weaker in all ways. Yet keep insisting that it isn't.

    Do you actually think that being more powerful than something "said to be capable of stopping a 50 caliber bullet" is in any way comparable, at all, to even these two things the Hulk did? If you do, can you explain why you think that is somehow the case?

    Again, just to even pick one of them for direct comparison, why do you feel that "more powerful than a 50 caliber bullet", is anywhere comparable to "can throw a tank to the horizon."

    The second feat in that sentence requires ridiculously more strength/force than the first, is what is being said.
    On the positive side, I think I now remember who I was talking about in this thread:

    Last post on the page.
    His name is CAPTAIN MARVEL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron_Twister View Post
    I seriously do think we're just about done with the thread. There's just nothing that gives the Indominus Rex any kind of edge over 2003 Movie Hulk. Any attempt to refute this only reinforces that Hulk still beats it.
    I have to agree. The thread has ran its course at this point and shall be closed.
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