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How about her stopping a tsunami by breaking the ozone layer and turning the water into mist, in her solo? Isn't that close to what you are referring?

And by the way, have you guys noticed that her eyes are all the time white during each X-Book since House of X and Power of X? It's like they don't count her crystal blue eyes in her panels anymore. It is like 99% of the time her eyes are always white. Leaving 1% since I might have missed the eyes showing her blue irises somewhere...

And oh god, I loved, loved Marauders 11, Kitty is finally back! And Storm outfit was amazing in that metro!
I think for me she would have to directly convert the water to steam (which was not the case with hydroman). In the way you mentioned it she did convert the water to vapor but she didn't directly do this. The radiation or direct sunlight was what caused the phase change.

I think she should definitely be able to directly cause a phase change with water as we have seen her do this by changing water to ice directly. I just can't think of any instances where she has directly converted water to steam.

I think aritsts are just super lazy when it comes to her missing pupils. unless she is constantly viewing the world in energy form which is not the case.