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    Quote Originally Posted by Crimz View Post
    Finally got some the Funko's. Haven't got Sue's yet and planning on getting HERBIE, Doom, and Galactus next time.

    Luckily, the regular sized Funkos are pretty easy to find right now because stores are getting their shipments. BoxLunch in the local mall had quite a few of them so I got the Surfer and Doom. I may go back for Galactus. Normally I wouldn't get one but even the HERBIE is pretty cute and I almost got him. I also have the Marvel 80th anniversary Sub-Mariner.

    I've had some luck with the Funko Mini Mystery ones and have Reed, Ben (3 of them!) and Johnny, the Silver Surfer, Galactus, and Namor.

    The Marvel Legends figures are starting to show up in stores now too. I know Gamestop has already fulfilled their pre-orders from customers in the one in my area. The clerk said the company may send them more. But I did find that Wal-Mart had Reed, Ben and Doom (which I bought)

    Here's my recent purchases, mixed in with some "Squaddies" from the Superhero Squad cartoon and game.

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