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    Cool Logan: Wolverine Appreciation 2020

    Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to the Wolverine Appreciation Thread!!!

    Let's start with a recommended reading list of the best stories with the Ol' Canucklehead:

    Solo adventures

    - Marvel Comics Present Vol.1 #72-84 "Weapon X" by Barry Windsor Smith. The story of how Logan got his famous adamantium skeleton and claws. The Best Wolverine story ever told in my opinion.

    - Wolverine Vol.1 #1-4 + Uncanny X-Men Vol.1 #172-173 by Chris Claremont, Frank Miller & Paul Smith. The first Wolverine mini and its followup, the tragic story of Wolverine and Mariko and the start of Wolverine's Japanese adventures.

    - Marvel Comics Presents Vol.1 #1-10 + Wolverine Vol.2 #1-30 by Chris Claremont, Peter David, Archie Goodwin, Jo Duffy, John Buscema, John Byrne, Klaus Janson & Bill Sienkiewicz. The start of the Wolverine ongoing with several stories that take place in the lawless island of Madripoor, really enjoyable. Wolverine Vol.2 #10 is a Must-Read!

    - Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure by Walter Simonson & Mike Mignola. Wolverine goes to the Savage Land to stop a classic foe of the X-Men from destroying it.

    - Wolverine Vol.2 #31-57 by Larry Hama & Marc Silvestri. The most popular run on the character. Issues #34 & #57 are a Must-Read!

    - Wolverine Vol.2 #75-90 + X-Men Vol.2 #25 + Cable Vol 1 #16 by Larry Hama, Adam Kubert, Fabian Nicieza, Andy Kubert, Steve Skroce and many more great artists. Wolverine loses his healing factor, his adamantium skeleton and claws, he then goes on a world tour and faces his greatest foes. Really good stuff!

    - Wolverine Vol 2 #-1 by Larry Hama & Cary Nord. A great issue set just after Logan was found by James "Mac" Hudson and his wife Heather after his escape from the Weapon X compound.

    - Wolverine Vol.2 #119-122 "Not Dead Yet" by Warren Ellis & Leinil Francis Yu. Wolverine faces the greatest hitman that ever lived.

    - Wolverine Vol.2 #150-153 "Blood Debt" by Steve Skroce. Logan, Amiko & Yukio Japanese adventures.

    - Wolverine Vol.2 #159-176 & #181-185 by Frank Tieri, Sean Chen & Dan Fraga. One of the best modern run on the character and a good starting point for new readers. "The Logan Files" (issues #173-176) is one of the best Wolverine story ever written!

    - Wolverine Vol.3 #1-19 by Greg Rucka, Darick Robertson & Leandro Fernandez. A much more grounded run but it's still really good. Issue #6 is a Must-Read if you're a fan of the Wolverine & Nightcrawler's friendship!

    - Wolverine Vol.3 #20-32 by Mark Millar, John Romita Jr & Kaare Andrew. The "Enemy of the State" blockbuster storyline that put Wolverine against the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe, one of the most popular Wolverine story ever!
    The last issue is the famous "Prisoner Number Zero" story, a flashback set during WWII in the Sobibor camp, it's different in tone compared to the previous issues but it's still amazing and a really powerful story.

    - Wolverine Vol.3 #56, #62-65, #73-74 (backup stories), Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #1-4, Wolverine: Weapon X Vol.1 #1-16, Wolverine Vol.4 #1-20 & Wolverine Vol.2 #300-304 by Jason Aaron and many great artists. A great modern run by Jason Aaron.

    Team books

    - Giant Size X-Men Vol.1 #1 by Len Wein & Dave Cockrum. Wolverine meets Professor Xavier and joins the X-Men.

    - Uncanny X-Men Vol.1 #133, #205, #213, #251 & #268, Annual #11 + Classic X-Men Vol.1 #10 by Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Barry Windsor Smith, Marc Silvestri, Jim Lee, Alan Davis & John Bolton.
    Almost all the Wolverine-centric issues from Chris Claremont's first X-Men run and they're all amazing.

    - Fantastic Four Vol.1 #347-349 by Walter Simonson & Art Adams. Wolverine, Spider-Man, Hulk and Ghost Rider are now the new Fantastic Four!

    - X-Men Vol.2 #4-7 by Jim Lee, John Byrne & Scott Lobdell. Wolverine vs. Omega Red and the origins of Team X.

    - X-Men Vol. 2 #70-79 by Joe Kelly, Joe Casey, Carlos Pacheco, Germán Garcia, Mat Broome & Jeff Johnson. "Will Marrow, Maggott and Dr. Cecilia Reyes usher in a new golden era for the X-Men? As Cyclops and Phoenix retire from the team, it's left to Wolverine to make sure they do!"

    - New X-Men Vol.1 #114-154 + Annual #2001 by Grant Morrison and many great artists. The wildly innovative Grant Morrison X-Men run! Issue #148 is a Must-Read!

    - Uncanny X-Force Vol.1 #1-35 + #5.1 + #19.1 by Rick Remender, Jerome Opeña, Phil Noto and many great artists. The Rick Remender's extraordinary, critically acclaimed Uncanny X-Force run. "The Apocalypse Solution" & "The Dark Angel Saga" (issues #1-18) are among the greatest X-Men stories ever told!

    - Wolverine and the X-Men Vol.1 #1-42 + Annual #1 by Jason Aaron and many great artists. Welcome to the Jean Grey's School for Gifted Youngsters. Hope you survive the experience! Issues #1-8, #17 & #39-40 are the best ones.

    - Amazing X-Men Vol. 2 #1-6 by Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness & Cameron Stewart. Wolverine and the X-Men are going on a quest to find and bring back the fan-favorite fuzzy blue elf!

    - House of X/Powers of X by Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz & R.B Silva. The reinvention of the X-Men by Jonathan Hickman.

    - X-Men Vol.5 by Jonathan Hickman, Leinil Francis Yu, R.B Silva & Mahmud Asrar. "The X-Men find themselves in a whole new world of possibility... and things have never been better!"

    - X-Force Vol.6 by Benjamin Percy & Joshua Cassara. "X-Force is now the C.I.A of the mutant world. In a perfect world, there would be no need for an X-Force. We’re not there…yet.”


    - The Incredible Hulk Vol.1 #180-182 by Len Wein & Herb Trimpe. The first appearances of Wolverine and his first fight with the Hulk and the Wendigo.

    - Kitty Pryde and Wolverine Vol.1 #1-6 by Chris Claremont & Al Milgrom. The second Wolverine mini, where Logan trains his first sidekick Kitty Pryde a.k.a Shadowcat and faces his master: Lord Ogun.

    - The Incredible Hulk Vol.1 #340 by Peter David & Todd McFarlane. The rematch between Wolverine & Hulk!

    - Spider-Man versus Wolverine #1 by Christopher Priest & Mark Bright. During the Cold War, Wolverine and Spider-Man go to Germany to save Logan's friend, the spy named Charlemagne, but things don't go as planned resulting in an epic fight between the two most popular Marvel superheroes.

    - Wolverine Annual Vol.2 #1996 by Joe Kelly & Tommy Lee Edwards. A beautiful story starring Amiko and Wolverine.

    - Wolverine: First Class Vol.1 #1-2 by Fred Van Lente & Andrea Di Vito. A modern retelling of Wolverine & Shadowcat early adventures together.

    - Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine Vol.1 #1-6 by Jason Aaron & Adam Kubert. A really fun time travelling adventure with Spider-Man and Wolverine.

    - Wolverine and Jubilee Vol.1 #1-4 by Kathryn Immonen & Phil Noto. A really good story starring Wolverine and Jubilee.

    - Deadpool Vol.3 #15-19 "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" by Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan & Declan Shalvey. A powerful story starring Deadpool, Wolverine and Captain America.

    Alternate versions

    - Weapon X Vol.1 #1-4 by Larry Hama & Adam Kubert. Wolverine & Jean Grey adventures during the Age of Apocalypse.

    - Ultimate X-Men Vol.1 #41 by Brian Michael Bendis & David Finch. A powerful story set in the the Ultimate Universe.

    - Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk Vol.1 #1-6 by Damon Lindelof & Leinil Francis Yu. The title says it all!

    - Wolverine Vol.3 #66-72 + Giant Size Old Man Logan #1 "Old Man Logan" by Mark Millar & Steve McNiven. The all-time classic Old Man Logan story.

    - Old Man Logan Vol.1 #1-5, Old Man Logan Vol.2 #1-50, Annual #1 + Dead Man Logan Vol.1 #1-12 by Brian Michael Bendis, Jeff Lemire, Ed Brisson, Andrea Sorrentino and many great artists. The followup to the original Old Man Logan story. "Bordertown" (Old Man Logan Vol.2 #5-7) is a Must-Read!

    - Wolverine: The Long Night Adaptation Vol.1 #1-4 by Benjamin Percy & Marcio Takara. The comic adaptation of "The Long Night" Podcast, if you enjoy this story try to listen to both "The Long Night" and "The Lost Trail" podcasts, it's a really impressive cinematic audio experience.

    Now, some quick links to help old and new readers get ready for the upcoming Wolverine's relaunch in February:

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