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    Default The Spoiler Thread for Wonder Woman 756

    So what did everyone think?

    I'm very intrigued by the new applications for Amazonium and it's defense of Themyscira. It was reminiscent of the creation of the PDR, warping WW lore to possibly solve a WW problem. There were also depictions of the Wonderdome when the Amazon counsel talked about meeting the outside world on their own terms, could that be their mode of transportation?

    Genocide pounding on the portal and being heard by the Amazons was cool too. Of course nothing was as cool as the spin, or Donna's dialogue reaffirming her connection to Diana and ultimately standing by her side to protect Paradise island. I really want Cassie and Artemis to show up too, but I think instead there will be a return of Valda to join in on the fight with the Four Horsewomen. I say that because of the speech Diana made at Bess Lynn Elementary School about the Amazon approach to history and Bess Lynn being the real name for Miss Liberty who was herself in multiple time streams much like Valda. It seemed like foreshadowing. Aztek and other heroines taking on Warmaster's team and mentions of the Justice League were also great to see. It showed how BIG Orlando is thinking with so many players on the board.

    The pretty speeches have been made and rejected, the gloves are off and now it's time to go to war!

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    I can't remember the last time I enjoyed an issue of WW this much. I found it very exciting and it's awesome to see a more heroic Donna Troy in action again and in WW's title to boot. Hope there are good things ahead for her.

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