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    Quote Originally Posted by Last Son of Krypton View Post
    about the only version of this that I haven't seen yet is from that David E Kelley Wonder Woman pilot with Adrienne Palicki...

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    From Gail Simone, via Twitter:

    Here is a fun thing you guys might not know about writing Wonder Woman... get a LOT of mail and even people at cons begging you to have Wonder Woman in canon acknowledging their particular fetish. Like, a LOT.

    People would write LONG letters, sometimes with photos or illustrations, about, say, what kind of boots she should wear, and you realize VERY QUICKLY that it's not about fashion.

    I got a ton of letters like these...

    "Dear Ms. Simone

    Could you please please please give Wonder Woman a boot with a stiletto heel that comes to a sharp point that she would place on the neck of a vanquished female foe and the toe should be severely pointed and..."

    People would say things like,

    "Could Wonder Woman choke out a slightly heavyset bald white man with a goatee, and he would be completely helpless in her grip..."

    I don't know if the guys got letters like these but I always found it pretty funny. Sometimes the letter would start with a long preamble about me or my work before getting into their particular THING.

    I don't kinkshame, people can like what they like. But!

    There's just something about Wonder Woman wear people (and not all guys, either!) would put their particular sexual kink on her and want to see it in the comics. Fan art was not enough!

    Girls wrote about her having a 'constraining corset,' a LOT!

    I never took it as offensive, it's kind of adorable in a way.

    But Wonder Woman was born in kink and will always BE in kink, I guess!

    Writing comics is a weird gig sometimes, you guys.
    «Speaking generally, it is because of the desire of the tragic poets for the marvellous that so varied and inconsistent an account of Medea has been given out» (Diodorus Siculus, The Library of History [4.56.1])

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    Reading about it is one thing...seeing it is another...
    The only time i saw a well written kink was the bondage sex scene in mister miracle from King.

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    After so many Wonder Gal drawings, some appreciation for the classic Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman...

    Arts by Sgdiaz, Michael Miranda and Eric D.G.:
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    There's a Wonder Woman statue in London.
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    For those who are interested, a fusion of Diana and Bulma (from Dragon Ball) will be an ongoing character in my crossover story "Power Woman Wife of Goku". She first appears at the end of chapter 15 and kicks butt for the first time in chapter 16 -

    "So you've come to the end now alive but dead inside."

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