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    Happy 24th Anniversary to Clark Kent and Lois Lane!

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    I've been reading all the Silver and Bronze Age Superman comics this year - a big undertaking. I'm shocked at some of the developments in the 70s.
    There's a story arc where Clark loses his powers whenever he wears his civilian clothes. Already under stress, he considers giving up being Superman and starts dating Lois as Clark. He lets more of his real personality come through and Lois starts to fall for him as Clark.
    After their first beef burguingnon dinner they're shown to romantic and the scene ends with an outside shot of the apartment with a "click" to signify the door has been locked, the implication that they're having sex is pretty clear.
    This blew my mind! I had no idea there was implied sex in the comics in the 70s - and that Lois had sex with him as Clark. It actually hadn't been implied that she had been with Superman yet, although they don't explicitly say they didn't.
    After some time the relationship with Clark crashed and burned - I won't give too many details in case anyone wants to read this around 1976-1978 - and after a few months Superman and Lois get back together, and they also have beef bourguingon and the scene showing outside Lois's apartment and the click of the lock, so now it's implied Lois is having sex with Superman.
    So my head canon here is that after this Lois must know that Clark and Superman are the same person. After all these years of her suspicions, I can't believe that being intimate with "both" of them wouldn't resolve that question. As I read on I'll see if the comics contradict or support that. I do remember years later in the story where Jonathon Kent returned Lois implies she did know.

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    Superman and Lois by Norman Klein.

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    Superman and Lois Lane by Greg Capullo.

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    Superman and Lois Lane by artiboi_navarro.

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    Clark Kent and Lois Lane costumes on Halloween.

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    So Lois and Jon will appear in the next issue of Dark Nights: Death Metal. And Lois is wearing the Lantern ring on the picture by Greg Capullo?

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