Yeah, I don't understand why people are acting like the Ric thing was ending in this issue or in this arc. We know it isn't going to end as they are dragging it out until a Summer event thing Tynion is doing for his Batman run when they force the Nightwing book to be part of whatever that is going to be. Then after that it is going to go into whatever 5G is. The entire Owls arc was pointless. Showing or adding even more memories for him to deal with does nothing but trick readers into thinking having those nostalgic images on panel actually mean something. Like that Ric is finally ending, but we know it isn't. It is deceptive marketing. Dick is still going to be doing exactly what Ric was doing before the Owls arc even started. He's stuck in the same place, dealing with the same people and dealing with his memory issues. This has been going on since this whole Ric saga started. It is the exact same formula and nothing has changed.