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    Default Characters' Middle Names & Family Members' Names

    Ever wondered about what a comic character's full names are supposed to be?

    This is really never addressed in anything I've come across. The only one I know is Matthew Michael Murdock. Also, the movie Captain America mentions Steven G. Rogers and James Buchanan Barnes.

    I'd also be interested in knowing if there's any obscure references to character's family's names? For instance, we know Spider-Man's parents are Richard & Mary (and his uncle & aunt are Ben & May), and Iron Man's parents are Howard & Maria (again, at least in the movies), but I don't know much else.

    Consider this a resource to list any such random information you may know!

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    Ohh Tony’s full name is

    „Anthony Edward Stark“

    Which is funny considering the adoption story; coincidentally in the Stark Family, they tend to repeat names ie Howard is named after his father and „Anthony“ is Howard’s middle name. How convenient, eh marvel?

    Ohh and Edward is Howard’s brother name which happens to be Tony’s middle name buuuuuuuut Tony is adopted /s

    Maria Stark; her full Name Maria Collins Stark (Carbonell being her maiden name)
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    Spider-Man's full name is Peter Benjamin Parker, so he's actually named after his Uncle Ben. Miles's full name is Miles Gonzalo Morales. Gwen's is Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy.

    Over at DC, Tim Drake's full name is Timothy Jackson Drake. His father is named Jack, which explains where Jackson came from.
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    Not sure if it's still canon (because it hasn't been brought up in a while) but, both Wanda and Pietro were listed with the same middle name. Django. After Django Maximoff. Who was named after the Romani musician Django Reinhardt.
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    Is the "Jane" in Mary Jane Watson supposed to be her middle name?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
    Is the "Jane" in Mary Jane Watson supposed to be her middle name?
    No, it's kind of like Mary Anne or Mary Beth.
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    Spider-Woman is Jessica Miriam Drew. Her parents are Johnathan and Miriam (retconned from Merriam) Drew. Son is Gerry Drew (He has never been referenced as Gerald in the comics as far as I know). Completely unrelated note, but Jessica does have an official birthday of December 7th.
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