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    Default Elizabeth (Betsy) Braddock: Captain Britain Appreciation 2020

    All hail to the knight of the realm, Elizabeth Braddock the knight Captain Britain!

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    Commuting betwen "Marvel Future Fight" and ZETSUBOU-SHITA!


    Go Betsy with her new Tank-Paladin and Rogue-sub character build! (Thank you, CRaymond.)
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    Kwannon’s the Sub Rogue.

    Betsy has yet to show off any level of creative telekinesis. It’s still just sword & board, scowls and weird disappointment. She’s Phoenix x Wonder Woman with less than half the restraint. C’mon Bets. Play to win. Tell Meggan to shapeshift into Galactus and ride her shoulder into Hell.

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    High hopes of seeing her in the wider Marvel Universe as Captain Britain during events and stuff.

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    All hail Psylocke.

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    The first few issues of Captain Britain are up on Marvel Unlimited now. Not much Betsy action, though she does notably try to kill Brian and Jamie with an axe in a spirited fashion that seems very Betsy. Her hair changed colour from blonde to brown and back, while Courtney‘s hair changes colour at least three times.
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