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    Default Lorna Dane: Polaris Appreciation 2020

    Polaris Thread Mark IV: Fighting the good fight edition

    I wasn't sure what to start off with, but I figured it should be moments over time Lorna argued for or fought for her fellow mutants.

    We look ahead to a new year with new life only hinted at for Lorna in her new venue. Krakoa the living island.

    Lorna has so far not worked out as a floating character without a team book unlike her two years on Genosha, I suspect because she doesn't have an actual role on the island as she did on Genosha, but who knows what the new year will bring.

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    Happy New Year!

    We got some nice stuff in 2019, so here's hoping 2020 can lead to even better things for Polaris.

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    Xavier Files has a plug for Emma Dumont's Polaris.

    Xavier Files: Damn, remember how there was the best Polaris ever on TV in 2019 and none of us watched it?

    Xavier Files: I am struggling through finishing season two

    Greg Anderson: Season 1 was good. Season 2 tried to be an #XMen movie. Not sure if it succeeded, but it lost what was great in the show.

    AJ: Everybody watch The Gifted because it was low-key the best live-action X-Men series we didn’t know we needed and also Emma Dumont is a perfect Lorna Dane who single-handedly made me a Polaris fan

    I have a great deal of respect for Emma Dumont speaking out about her character last season.

    It was case and point why Lorna as a character needs an external motivation for what she is doing be it in the comics or live action. Season 1 she had that with helping mutants. One could agree or disagree with her methods, but she had a solid core to the character of what motivated her one that disappeared in season 2 when it became all about will she or won’t she with her ex and the fight over her child. For myself Lorna doesn't work as a character motivated mainly by who she loves/cares about more. That notion is her bane in the comics which leads only to love triangles and loyalty triangles neither are good for Lorna on their own.

    That is not to say that she can't have people she loves be they romantic or familial, but its a disaster for her when that is all she has. Emma's Polaris was included in articles about fictional characters we left behind in 2019.
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    Happy New Year to Lorna .

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    Glad someone remade this thread. Good ideas for the OP.

    And yeah Dumont did amazing. Even in season 2 she had glimpses and flashes of what she could have done for Polaris (notably episode 4 with her staredown of Thunderbird/Blink, episode 5 with her cold assessment of the success of their operations despite Andy kind of questioning things, also the way she started to get good camaraderie with Esme, episode 6 with her extremely ferocious assault on Esme out of almost nowhere, episode 7 with her casual dispatching of the human enemies inside Creed Financial, episode 8 with her emotional and heartfelt reshaping of Magneto's medallion trinket into her own headpiece, as well as her achieving amazing closure with Marcos and making a final decision regarding her daughter, episode 9 with her destroying the mutant collar servers nationwide, episode 10 with her helping to annihilate Purifiers). Episodes 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 she was either barely even in or were complete and utter disasters for the character and it was CLEAR Dumont herself knew it during the scenes.

    I have not been posting about Polaris lately, I'm waiting for her to make some appearance in the books to form an opinion. Hoping it's in Giant-Size 2. And maybe more...? Really hope there's more.

    I will repeat I want her to be on an "Acolytes" title but the fact we have "X-Force" and now the upcoming "Hellions" makes me doubt the space for such a book exists.

    Not feeling her on "X-Corp." if she's placed there but it all depends on execution.
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    Figured i would share here too since Lorna would make my DC/Marvel team.

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