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    Quote Originally Posted by Korath View Post
    Wonderful. More adventures of Ian the Moron and his master Kid Jon... I seriously hope Tomasi will be happy with this and won't make Damian return to Robin. Be happy with Fake Damian in your book Tomasi, please !
    No one is saying you have to read it.

    Besides, Ian and Jon were a completely different Super Sons run.

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    Yeah, you're mixing up Tomasi's Super Sons with the OGN Super Sons.
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    He knows. This is just kind of his thing. I thought it was common knowledge at this point that hating any moment of reprieve for Damian is kind of his gimmick in these threads. Kid's not allowed to have any intermissions to enjoy the parts of his life that aren't utterly depressing. It reminds me of the mentality they had with Mortal Kombat 9, where they censored every fatality that might make Kratos look silly.

    Damian is far from the only "serious" character to occasionally take part in adventures that aren't so serious. And Super Sons is far from the first time he's been a part of something like that. The serious Damian stories aren't going anywhere, nor should they. But come on. He's a kid. Let him be a kid every now and again. I can't think of very many superheroes who haven't been allowed moments to let their guard down.
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