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Oh, wait he did write Civil War 2, not 1. I thought he wrote the first one because I viewed Disassembled. New Avengers, House of M and Civil War kinda back to back, so I thought he did that too.
Secret Invasion is the one he wrote.

And yeah, 2 is the bad one, but by that time I already stopped paying attention, so I only heard word of mouth.

Back to topic, mistakes aside, my point was, despite fans not liking the stories, it doesn't matter for DC. They have Tom King and Heroes in Crisis, Remender and Identity Crisis, Morrison when he first created Damian was also hated. They're used to that kinda thing. As long as the writer can world build, bring money and garner attention that's what matters. That's what they've been doing.

Morrison didn't write Identity Crisis he wrote Final Crisis and Morrison was selling unlike Bendis who is losing money on Superman. YJ sales despite heavy promotion and having 4 big time characters in the lead is performing poorly compared to TT which is well into it's 30's and has only Damian as a big character to carry it.

I feel that DC signed Bendis hoping to get something big out of it with a contract that gives him all types of control but he's failing to deliver so now they are stuck.

He isn't doing any world building. Synder and Johns are doing the world building. All the big changes are spinning out of Metal and JL nothing out of Bendis. DC just cancelled out his Legion origin and other titles are ignoring what's going on in his title. eg Tim should be lost in the Multiverse yet he turn up for City of Bane which Bendis ignored. Tim doesn't rec all that Alfred is dead.

5G, the new Time line everything that's shaping/has been shaping the DCU none of it is down to Bendis.