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    Quote Originally Posted by Dick Grayson View Post
    Here’s my mid-month tally:

    Uncanny X-Men #182-188 (7) - Last year I blitzed through every X-Men-related comic from Giant-Size up through Age of Apocalypse, not having read them before. I enjoyed Claremont’s run so much I decided to read it again but a bit more slowly, to get more out of it, so I’ve been slipping some of those issues in when I can.
    Marvel Fanfare #40 (1) - part of Claremont’s run.
    New Mutants (1983) #16-23 (8) - Ditto; not planning to read every X-book again, but at least Claremont’s New Mutants deserves a more careful read.
    X-Men (2019) #4 (1) - Enjoying the new X-books so far, even if House of X/Powers of X and this main book have been wayyyy decompressed.
    Marauders #5 (1) - So much fun!
    Excalibur (2019) #5 (1) - Love Marcus To’s art (been a fan since his Red Robin days) and this is also entertaining enough for me to keep reading, though kind of middle-tier for me thus far.
    New Mutants (2019) #5 (1) - Really digging this one, though I feel like if you don’t know much or have a feel for the various characters you might not get as much out of it, but I could be wrong.
    X-Force (2019) #5 (1) - So far this is kind of the action movie of the current X-books. Competent and gory and... fine?

    Total so far: 131
    I did the same thing with the X-men books a few years back. Never read them when I was a kid, but started at Giant Size and read up to Fatal Attractions. I loved it to death, to the point I’d say those are my favorite superhero comics now. Seeing you’re rereading them makes me want to run back through them!

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    A more informal post.

    I finally completed Reign of the Supermen (in old mexican editions, so there're differences to how it has been collected in the US) so I decided to do re-reading of Death of Superman and RotS. DoS is just as I remembered it. Functional. It doesn't add anything interesting nor does it has anything particularly bad. It does get bland at parts and it's way too long for what it's trying to tell. I don't get why Doomsday needed that scene watching the battle arena for an event in Metropolis, since he was heading that way beforehand, and there're some usual problems from a crossover, like Superman deciding to abandon a family to catch Doomsday because he thinks that should be the priority and the next issue starting with Superman saying that he thought the JL could handle the family (which wasn't his idea the previous issue), which happens when there's a change in writers from issue to issue.

    RotS does get clunky at parts, and it shares a lot of the problems DoS has, but overall, I think it's a more enjoyable story and I like it for how the over the top it's. Besides, I think the four Supermen are entertaining and they do not overstay their welcome

    I also added Emerald Twilight to the re-read and sadly it holds itself more blandy that I remembered
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    "We're monsters, buddy. Plain and simple. I don't dress it up with fancy names like mutant or post-human; men were born crueler than Apes and we were born crueler than men. It's just the natural order of things"-ULTIMATE SABRETOOTH

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    A pretty slow week for me as I got into other projects.

    Alpha Flight - 2
    Amazing Spiderman - 6
    Black Cat - 2
    Daredevil - 3
    Tales to Astonish - 3
    Thor - 3
    Flash - 6
    Lois Lane - 1
    Superman - 1

    Total - 27
    Monthly Total - 202

    My favorite out of this bunch is the Black Cat. I think that may be one of the best books Marvel is putting out right now. It has never failed to entertain me.
    Favorite teams. Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Justice Society of America, Legion of Superheroes.

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