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    Still reading more prose than comics, but I did read more comics in July than in June.

    YTD through June 683

    July reads:
    Octavia Butler's The Kindred GN (240 pp; Abrams Comic Arts; 2017)
    Tor #1-6 (DC; 1975-1976)
    The Last Templar Vol. 1: The Encoder (56 pp; Cinebook; 2016)
    Tommy Gun Wizards/Machine Gun Wizards #1-4 (Dark Horse; 2019)
    Superman Dailies 1939-42 (DC/Sterling Books; 560 pp)
    Abbott #1-5 (BOOM!; 2018)
    Folklords #1-5 (BOOM!; 2019-2020)
    The Brave & the Bold #28-30 (DC; 1960)
    Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #133-135 (DC; 1970)
    Donald Duck Adventures #14 (Gladstone; 1989)
    Uncle Scrooge Adventures #18 (Gladstone; 1989)
    Joe Kubert's Tor #1-6 (DC; 2008)
    Showcase #76 (DC; 1968)
    Usagi Yojimbo Vol. 1 The Ronin (144 pp; Fantagraphics; 1987 collects Usagi stories from Albedo #2-4, Usagi Yojimbo Summer Special #1, Critters #1,3,6, 7, 10, 11 and 14; Doomsday Squad #3)
    Forever People #1 (DC; 1971)
    Justice League of America #1 (DC; 1960)
    Ragman #1-5 (DC; 1976-1977)

    making the equivalent of 92 issues read for July

    new YTD total: 775

    Comic fans get the comics their buying habits deserve.

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    Comics Read in 2020

    June/July = 212

    2000AD #2184-90
    A Man Among Ye #1
    Analog #10
    Adventureman #1-2
    Alter Ego Book 1 (3 issues)
    Arthus Trivium Book 1 (3 issues)
    Asgard Book 1 (3 issues)
    Bliss #1
    Cable #1
    The Campbells Book 3-5 (9 issues)
    Conan The Barbarian #14
    Disaster Inc #1
    Downfall (12 issues)
    Dr Strange #4-5
    The Dream of Jerusalem Book 1 (3 issues)
    Excalibur #5-10
    Fallen Angels #5-6
    For the Empire Book 1 (3 issues)
    Ghost Rider #4
    Giant-Size X-Men Jean Grey + Emma Frost
    Giant-Size X-Men Nightcrawler
    Gogor #1-5
    Fearscape #1-5
    Hawkman #22
    Heathen #10
    Hellions #1
    Ira Dei Book 1 (3 issues)
    Legion of Superheroes #1-6
    Legion of Superheroes Millennium #1_2
    Levius/Est Vol.1 (10 issues)
    Marauders #5-10
    Michael Cray #1-4
    New Mutants #5-10
    Tartarus #3
    That Texas Blood #1
    Spellbound Book 1 (3 issues)
    Strange Academy #2
    Suicide Squad #4-6
    Red Sonja #0-10
    Rogue Planet #1
    Ubel Blatt Vol.1 (24 issues)
    The White Lama (13 issues)
    The Wildstorm #1-24
    Wolverine #1-2
    Wynd #1
    X-Force #5-6,8-9
    X-Men #4-9
    X-Men + Fantastic Four #1-3

    Total = 790

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    X-Men #10/ Giant Sized X-Men: Fantomex: Okay forward motion on the ongoing story.

    Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom #1-6/ Clockwork #1-6/ Omega #1-5/ Alpha #1-2: An excellent second half to a great mid-level series.

    Doom Patrol Volume 2 #35-63: Decent exploration of superheroes dealing with weird stuff. I really appreciate Cliff/ Robotman as the everyman who recognizes how messed up it all is.

    Marauders #1-10: Takes some interesting twists with a select group of X-Men.

    Sentient #1-6: Excellent sci-fi mini.

    Comics So Far: 903 Issues

    Best of the batch: Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom. Plays with the status quo in some interesting ways to set up the final confrontation.
    Thomas Mets

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    Hello all! It's been a few months since my last post. Hope everyone's well! Here's what I've been up to since last time:

    130-132. Amazing Spiderman 43-45

    133. Amazing Spiderman- Sins Past Prelude

    134-135. Avengers 33-34: I really like the use of Moon Knight in this arc. Moon Knight has a lot of great things going for him, but his rogue's gallery is weak- so I like seeing Moon Knight interact with the main Marvel Universe.

    136-138. Batman 86-88: I'm not a big Batman fan/collector, but I like Tynion as a writer and got curious about this very popular arc. So far I'm really liking it!

    139. Daredevil 20: Zdarsky is Marvel's crown jewel right now. I love this Daredevil run!

    140.-141 Dr. Strange- Surgeon Supreme 2-3: Overall, I've enjoyed Waid's run on this character. Sad to hear that it's ending soon.

    142. FF Empyre

    143. Avengers Empire

    144-146 Empyre 1-3

    147. Avengers Empyre 1

    148-151. Flash 753-756

    152-153. Immortal Hulk 34-35

    154. Olympia 1: Heard about the premise of this book and thought it looked interesting. Didn't hook me with this issue though. Might revisit it in trade form.

    155-159. Once and Future 4-8- Really enjoying this book. I was going to trade-wait this, but I like it too much to have to wait.

    160. Strange Adventures 2

    161. Thor 5

    162. Undiscovered Country 1: Lots of great creators here, but this first issue is a slog to get through.

    163. X Factor 1: This is another book that I thought had promise, but the pacing and dialogue really put me off. There's a generation of writers that write all characters as if they lived in sitcoms. I don't know anything about Williams, but that what this writer's style feels like to me.

    164. X-Men 9

    After reading an old Mutant Massacre trade I dug out, I decided to try to read through to the end of the Claremont era:

    165-215. Uncanny X-men 214-263
    This is the first time I've re-read most of these since they came out 30ish years ago. My biggest surprise is how much I like Forge and Madeline Pryor. As convoluted as Madeline's origin is, I still found her a compelling character thoughout the "Outback" storyline and up through Inferno. As a young reader, I really didn't like either Forge of Pryor much (they didn't have "cool' costumes), but now I have a new respect for them and for what Claremont created with them. Storm and Forge's love story hit me so much stronger as an adult reader than way back when I read these as a kid. Glad I decided to revisit these books. Still have a few more to go to get to the end of this era.
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    New Mutants (new) #1-11: Decent take on the younger generation of X-Men from various reasons (classic New Mutants, Whedon/ Cassady, Morrison) having adventures on the periphery.

    Fallen Angels #1-6: The story of mutants VS tech isn't that satisfying, and has been done better elsewhere.

    Shadowhawk Volume 1 #1-3/ Volume 2 #1-3/ Volume 3 #1-4: The earlier issues have more of an indy comics feel than an Image feel which works. There are some bold choices (making the superhero's identity a mystery) but it backfires with an unfocused opening arc.

    Shaolin Cowboy #1-7: Good combination of absurdist humor and hyperdetailed hyperviolence.

    Iron Man (Slott) #1-11/ 14-19: I'm enjoying this take on Iron Man embracing virtual reality while also having a serious identity crisis in the aftermath of Bendis' run.

    The Sixth Gun #1-6: Solid opening to a new type of mythos (Mignola influenced Western/ horror hybrid.)

    Starman #0, 1-16: Really impressive superhero run. Harris gets better as an artist, but often astounds. The book has a great take on the learning curve of a reluctant hero embracing his legacy.

    Jungle Action #6-24: McGregor & company are finally getting the appreciation for their development of Wakanda and key aspects of the Black Panther mythos.

    Flash (Rebirth) #21-22/ Batman (Rebirth) #21-22: Solid crossover getting to what makes two iconic DC heroes similar, and setting up some strangeness in the DCU.

    Comics So Far: 1,000 Issues

    Best of the batch: Starman #11. It's an excellent standalone about superheroes pushed to the limits that was seeded really effectively in earlier issues.
    Thomas Mets

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