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    Just read the issue. I loved it, but the highlight for me was Cable getting called "Baby Cable." From here on out, and until the older, more grizzled Cable comes back, that's his name in my mind.
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    It was... really good. I'm quite surprised, with last 3 issues being quite weak we finally got what I hoped this book can provide after reading first issue.

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    Still way too many Ice Cream Koans from Kwannon. Laura mopping the floor with Bling!, Husk, and Baby Cable in the sparring match is probably the closest she's tracked to in-character in this whole thing. It's been a while since I've read Paige in anything, but wasn't part of her whole shtick that she hides her drawl?
    Still hoping for that Helix Reunion...

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    I don't know why I keep buying this, I'm kinda sadistic at this point.

    I feel like Hill only googled the character's wikis, read the introduction, skipped the bio part and read only the powers part.

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