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    Default Most interesting, unique, and creative designs for Marvel's female characters

    Let's be real. Marvel's comics have no shortage of blonde bimbos in swimsuits and redheaded vixens in skin-tight leather.

    But far rarer a sight are women who present creative and unique designs in this visual medium. What are some of your favorites?

    A few of my faves...

    Phantazia - There's something so enigmatic about this obscure X-Men villain. She resembles a specter with only her masked face showing. No T or A anywhere in sight... that's pretty crazy for a comic book woman!

    Mindblast - Women are almost never given physical features that will be unattractive to straight male readers, so it's surprising Mindblast was given this giant brain dome like a male villain. Sadly, her look was toned down in her more recent appearance to make her look more traditionally attractive (ugh).

    Spiral - A character most comic readers have seen pop up at least somewhere, Spiral's design is fantastic. Six arms, fabulous boots, Asian-inspired helmet, cyborg features... she's got it all. It kills me when artists try to sexy up Spiral when she should look fierce and formidable.

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    Big Bertha...:

    I would totally push for this character to be on main Avengers roster if I had any say.
    One of Byrneís better creations, though he prob. didnít put much thought into her.

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    Black Knight (female) from the Young Masters:

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