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    Quote Originally Posted by Adekis View Post
    I don't think anyone has the right to bring him back into the comics. It's just mean at this point. It's been established that anything that happens to him is DC writers wreaking havoc with his life, meaning he's less the villain than Geoff Johns is in this situation, haha!

    I think it might have been funny to see Infinite Crisis Superboy Prime go up against New 52 Superman, all throwing a fanboy hissy fit that Superman is "wrong" or something. After a while I think he just threw himself into being a monster though, which is less interesting to me. He still might have shade to throw at New 52 Superman for not wearing briefs or some dumb crap, but I doubt it'd be as much as before.

    I don't know. I never liked Superboy Prime as much as I did in the first Crisis, when he met the Earth 1 Superman and was just in awe of how cool and impressive he was. When they made him a villain and started treating him as a meta way to comment on fanboyism, I just felt, I don't know, very annoyed with that direction.
    This. It was a fun concept back in 1985 when he was first proposed but they ruined it. The irony is, he was meant to be a metaphor for angry fans and instead became the perfect metaphor for how the companies ruin the characters. And how a lot of those same fans kind of have a point a lot of the time.
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