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    Quote Originally Posted by leokearon View Post
    Ochako did help get Deku and Melissa to the top of the tower, Kaminari was just used for a joke, they could have least allowed him to fry some of those robots
    But that was the only noticeable thing she did (along with having a jealousy moment) and then she had to get saved. I just wanted her to get a chance to do more in their first big screen debut. Hopefully both Ochako and the rest of the class does indeed get more of a chance to shine in Heroes Rising.

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    Woooooooooo. There's alot of new juicy information to dive into here!

    We learn that All Might couldn't find any information on the 2nd or 3rd users or their quirks (those being the silhouetted figures)

    The Black Whip user is named Banyjo Daigoro, hero name: Lariat, and is the 5th user. (This isn't confirmed but it also seems to imply that Scar guy is #4 and guy with large jacket is #6, we don't know what their quirks are yet).

    Bakugo points out that all the quirks are actually fairly weak, with All Might commenting how these successors were never intended to be strong, rather "they are simply the ones entrusted by those who've already been entrusted"

    All Might reveals the next quirk Midoryia will have to master is "Float", which is Nana Shimura's quirk. Bakugo laughs this off saying that because he can already fly that makes him better than Midoryia and he'll keep improving way ahead of him, but Midoryia still doesn't back down.

    The two rejoin up with the rest of the class as they have a celebratory dinner, with Midoryia reflecting on how much he's grown.

    All Might himself reflects outside with Aizawa, regarding how he has chosen to live even though he's sad with how little he feels he can do for everyone else by now, with Aizawa stating that just being alive is enough to inspire people.

    Finally, we jump forward till the end of March, where all of the heroes have seemingly vanished...
    end of spoilers

    I love the visual they have of each of the successors passing their power along like a baton, all while defeated in the rubble below All For One. Just like how AM puts it, these aren't "chosen ones". This isn't some destiny bestowed upon someone great to inherit some ultimate power, instead this is just good people trying to stop a big bad, passing the torch to try again. "Now it's your turn."

    I am curious concerning the timeline of now versus when OFA was created, since they state they all died young (presumably all at the hands of AFO), and it was a surprise to Midoryia & Bakugo they were all dead, makes me believe AFO may be somewhere closer to around 150, which is still alot, but still lesser than I initially thought.

    It's a shame we don't know what the other 2 confirmed quirks are yet, but since Midoryia knows it, it shouldn't be long until we find out. Him being able to fly though, that's gonna be super exciting. And you know it's gonna emerge during his battle with Shiggy, and it'll be so poetic.

    Bakugo in here though is just really irritating. I assume part of it is overcompensation, being annoyed at his growth and wanting to savour any victory or clear bump he has, but it just feels like too much at once, especially considering how his reactions have been these past couple chapters. I do like that, as Midoryia also puts it, that he doesn't really fear nervous talking or arguing with Bakugo anymore, mostly just confusion. Wonder if by the end of the series he just completely snaps.

    And he may have a good reason, because MAN the death flags for All Might keep rising like crazy. And that's such an ominous final page, with the good ol' Doc whistling away. Also it was very quick, but All Might mentions Aizawa postponing a meeting with what will he have to do with all of this?
    end of spoilers
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