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    Great news for superheroes on the CW in general. I am looking forward to all the older shows helping introduce newer properties, the way all the other shows and most of the characters were first shown on another show.

    I hope all the shows mix things up a bit or try new things after "Crisis" since that event offers them an opportunity to shake things up a bit.
    -- I want "Green Arrow" to just be about the three main characters - maybe have them hit the road. Do something other than have a lair with a person in the chair and "save the city" every week.
    -- With Crisis no longer hanging over their heads, "The Flash" can maybe get a touch more light-hearted - not like Legends, but get into wacky sci-fi stuff. Honestly, I don't need Flash to have a Big Bad every season. Maybe find a different kind of arc.
    -- Supergirl needs to not need saving all the time to justify her supporting cast. Benoist is good at playing confused and sad, but have her actually inspire people and face Big Threats on her own, where Alex et al just hang back and let Kara save the day.
    -- Hopefully Batwoman will resolve the Sophie storyline in some kind of way. I don't think we need another season of the same. Conversely, she and her dad work well together with their contentious relationship. Love Alice, but rest for for a season and bring her back in a meaningful way later.
    -- "Legends" seems to have found their tone and I'm okay with it. I like that they mix it up all the time in terms of cast and story. I like it for what it is, and they're fine.
    -- "Black Lightning" has been pretty serious in general. Maybe after the occupation, they'll throw in some more fun supervillains. Maybe not be so heavy with kids dying all the time - just sayin'...
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