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    Default Goonies homage in Rise of Skywalker

    In GOONIES there's a scene early on where Mikey is able to pinpoint the location of the start of Willie's tunnel system by using holes in the middle of the dubloon that match up with the natural coastline and an old lighthouse.

    In Rise of Skywalker Rey uses the Sith Dagger to figure out where the Emperor's tower-and the wayfinder-is kept in a similar fashion. It's even shot similarly and the cloudy sky and ocean are also a bit similar too.

    Abrams seemed to confirm this in one interview.

    "There is a moment that's definitely Goonie-esque. But, I think every film should have at least 3-4 moments that are Goonie-esque, at least! But yes, there is one. It's sort of in that vein. It's Goonie-esque, but it's sort of kind of like a treasure hunt. Not exactly like that, but it's a real puzzle piece moment,"

    Given that Abram's Super 8 was pretty much a tribute to Goonies and similar movies (Like Stranger Things is kind of now) it's not that surpingy. Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    When they found Ochi's body in the tunnels on Pasaana, I instantly thought of Chester Copperpot.
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