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    Default Make a case for the Green Lantern Corps!

    take a character (someone not obvious) and make a case for why they would or should be in the Green Lantern Corps. I ideally you should pick a non-hero civilian but you can pick a hero, villain, metahuman, or alien, whoever you feel.
    SIGNAL/Duke Thomas is the Midnight Sun of Gotham(respect thread)
    John Stewart is my Guardian.
    Naomi was great, pass it on...
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    Aquaman, if you go off statements from other characters and goofy stuff he did Post-Crisis he should definitely be up their with the main GL’s

    We’d probably get a lot of aquatic themed constructs, but’s he’s shown to be knowledgeable of chemical compounds so he’d probably do stuff with that too.
    Probably any main character could be argued as being a GL given Heroes thematically keep fighting no matter the odds.

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    Lois Lane. She's got a reputation for willpower and courage as a tough-as-nails-type. She's got a military background from her upbringing. And she likes exposing the truth.

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    This is kind of my biggest problem with the GL power ring running on willpower. Literally every hero needs it to overcome great struggles, which is the bread and butter of a superhero. Show me someone on the JLA who doesn't have an indomitable will. You can't. They all do.

    GL's just take it to 11, but there's not many heroes who don't really qualify if we get down to it.

    To be more on-topic, Michael Holt. Everything he has he built for himself and he refuses to accept the simplest answers to some situations being magic or some such. It's always a science he can't quantify yet, but he won't cede a point even in the face of The Spectre or something. Win, lose or draw, he is a man of conviction and cannot be swayed from his path. Love him or hate him, that takes immense will.

    For a non-hero, probably Jim Gordon. After everything he's endured and sees on a daily basis, I imagine it takes a herculean effort just to rise from bed in the morning, let alone shine the Bat signal and be a flickering ember of justice in Gotham's eternal night of crime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lemonpeace View Post
    ....I ideally you should pick a non-hero civilian but you can pick a hero, villain, metahuman, or alien, whoever you feel.
    Wilfredo Mendoza! Had everything it takes, ...except an actual power ring. LOL
    Got beat down.

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