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    Quote Originally Posted by jawbreaker View Post
    so I haven't been able to keep up with whats been going on with the other Gen Xers due to complete lack of time these days(thanks Corona.)
    Has Jubilee done anything of note in Excaliber? And whats all this about Shogo being turned into a dragon? Is he still a dragon?
    I'd say she's been more involved than Gambit or Rogue because of Shogo and trying to parent while on a mission. But they've all just been kind of background characters. In terms of development, the only real moment she's had was one surprising display of power brought on by her maternal instincts to defend/protect Shogo.

    Shogo's Otherworld self/counterpart is a big dragon. Betsy communicates with him through cute little psychic drawings haha. I'm behind a few issues so dunno his current status.

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    oh I see, thanks for the info! I just looked up some of the Excalibur #2 pages, I have a feeling the writer just didn't want to be stuck with a baby as part of the cast and decided he was better off as their ride, lol.

    I really hope whatever the next iteration of X-men books is we get a new Gen X volume that properly unites the original cast!

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    Is there any news where she will be after Excalibur books is over? Also, writers and artist could/should depict Jubilee to take more creative ways to implement her powers and for her story background, she should be more comfortable in using her powers to her full potential to defend her love ones at all cost. I mean, she went through hand to hand training with Wolverine, being a vampire should of changed her outlook and demeanor in a way.

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    Well... looking the last excalibur, I suspect she is no more part of the team, something I suspected when they asked her to stay behind.... now... in which comic will she appear?

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