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    Default Jedi and Sith planets in a possible old Republic film

    There's still the persistant rumor that Disney is working on their own take on the Old Republic stuff, but it seems they've already released plenty of material to work with-in Disney's films we've had two planets that are stated to be important to the Jedi and the Sith. Ach-To where there are remains of the first temple, a tree-based library and a weird dark side pit; likewise Rogue One has Jedha (Which the Jedi are possibly named after), it's Guardians of the Whills and heavy sources of Kyber crystals; and now Exegol which appears to have several Sith statues and an ancient complex. In addition, there's Malachor and parts of Lothal in Rebels, and key other planets such as Illum, Korriban/Moriband and Mortis are still "canon". Illum has actually recently been confirmed to have been the site of Starkiller base. Not sure if Yavin IV being an ancient Sith outpost is still canon though.

    Plus of course there's Mandalore which of course seems to have had dealings with both the Jedi and the Sith in ancient times ( a carry-over from the Legends continuity).

    Will-or should any of these planets/events etc. probably wind up in an Old Republic Disney film, perhaps in their prime? Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    It could be good if Filoni or somebody who knows the SW lore is given control of it.
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