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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirby101 View Post
    That is exactly how I felt about the characters in The Irishman.
    Haven't seen it, not generally interested either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beaddle View Post
    Yes, I fail to see the upset. if the table were turned I won't see DC or Marvel fans arguing that Justice League or X-Men Apocalypse deserved Oscars, had JL and Apocalypse been great movies or gotten the same positive reviews as Endgame as much as they would have supported TDK, Logan or Joker.

    The harsh reality is there are only certain type of comics films that will attract Oscars, Endgame is not the type of comic film. Oscar will love the much smaller grounded drama focused films over the alien cgi driven sort of block buster.

    MCU can work a way around this problem, if they can get James Cameron to direct one of their films but he apparently dislikes MCU movies.

    I cannot break anything down because there is hardly anything to break down. Coogler under disney's order focused more on who was the right heir of Wakanda, that is the Disney formula type of story, not I think of it, its ironic that Disney stories are usually known for the Royal tales. Alladin, frozen, tangled. they have an entire line of Disney princess and Prince collection. it makes sense this was the top story arc in black panther and not the actual politics or social themes.

    The don't have any similarities to magneto and xavier because magneto and Xavier are known first for their politica/social angles, they are ]fre-enemies to friends to brothers or whatever, the magneto/xavier stuff is complicated.

    You asked me how would you have made the script stronger and I said, making the duo in the film have a complex relationship would have been better or they could have taken the Royal stuff out and focus on the social themes more. you didn't like my answer and that is fine.

    It was not nominated as I said. Avatar, Inception, Gravity, Hugo, Titanic, Gladiator, Life of Pi and the rest of any block buster movie with a big budget that got nominated for best picture also got nominated for VFX and they all won the VFX category.

    Contrary to this popular belief. Marvel comics took place in a more grounded word to DC. Stan Lee wanted to ground marvel characters more to the fantasy characters of DC. this is the reason marvel took place in real settings like new York to DC's Gotham and smallville.

    this is also the reason Marvel characters were seen as more relatable to the gods in DC. Marvel characters were meant to have more flaws and deal with every day hard issues and use stories to reflect a lot of real world problems. Marvel is indeed more grounded than DC, it is Disney that has tricked people into telling us that is not because Disney chose to dumb down marvel stories in films, dumbed down stories are usually not Oscar material.
    The movie is about Cultural identity and African Americans lack of it but somehow you cant find anything to break down in the characters. You havent had one genuine critique except that they shoulda established a relationship and had them be friends first. That demonstrates that the entire point of the movie goes way over your head. Oh well i tried

    The MCU heroes are flawed just like the comics, the only things not grounded is the world they live in. And it's far from grounded in the comics. Wolverines wears a bright yellow and blue suite and the world is colofurll and full of crazy looking shit. Thor Ragnarok was the closes was have got to Jack Kirbys art brought to life. You want everything to stay true to the source material but you cherry pick stuff and ignore the vast majority . Most the heroes are in New York and not all given they're own made up city becuase Stan Lee built Marvel on interconnectedness and crossovers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirby101 View Post
    Most found the ending of Endgame heart wrenching and earned aseell.
    Ehhhh. If we are being real, I found Endgame too bloated to be resonate on any character. In the grand scheme of the MCU, if you followed it from the beginning, I could see how you would tie all those decade long feelings about Tony Stark back and find it that way. But in that film, it was just too big and relied on too much from prior films. In the end it was time travel hijinks and then a big dumb battle ending that had a main character sacraficing themselves. It would be different it was Tony centric and it was about some sort of reckoning for him. But they just never gave it enough behind Tony occassionally mentioning his need to preserve his family. Also not for nothing, even if you take it as a two parter with Infinity Wars. Also in the context of the MCU, we already saw Tony willing to be selfless for the world in the first Avengers. As far as I'm concerned the reason he survived there and died here had more to do with the actors willingness to stay in the role than an actual narratively driven initiative.

    It's very different from Irishman where you had Frank (Deniro) and Hoffa (Pacino) fostering a friendship all film and then watching one man's hubris force the hand of another man's corrupt lifestyle into an action that would haunt him forever. Most of the film was in service to that moment. Or Marriage Story where the whole film was about the dissolving of a relationship coming into conflict with all the emotions they still felt for one another. Or Once Upon a Time in Hollywood where the entire film built up to that ending but it's harder to explain without spoiling it.

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