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    Default New view of our favorite comics

    My name is Ivan, I really love comics, especially comics about Spider-Man))
    By profession, I am engaged in software development and have now completed work on one of my most interesting projects, this is a realistic 3D magazine, which we called technology - EASY FlipBook.
    Immediately I will take a screenshot so that you have a little idea of ​​what it is about, and I will explain it in more detail.


    This technology allows you to display content in an Internet browser window based on a PDF file, a set of images, or a set of HTML pages or Instagram account.
    The book is interactive, you can rotate, tilt and move it back, the sheets bend when you scroll them ... in one phrase - the experience of a real book on your electronic device.

    I thought ... it would be interesting to show the comics to others or even read your favorite comics in this form, that's cool!
    Really looking forward to your comments!
    I tried very hard to develop this technology, and I want it to be useful to people, I will be very happy if you leave your review))
    Based on our technology, we have created a service that you can now use to create 3D from your comics:
    EFBaaS - EASY FlipBook as a Service

    How it works?

    Here are some excerpts from the comics:

    Spider-Man - Alien Reality
    Spider-Man - The Mysterio Manifesto

    Home site:
    Service: EFBaaS - EASY FlipBook as a Service
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