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    Quote Originally Posted by Robanker View Post
    Steering the conversation back to LoSH #3 and away from the usual Evil Superman v Batman conversation of which I'm as guilty of indulging as any, can we take a moment to appreciate just how damn good these books look?

    Sook and Cheung on covers with Sook and Moore on interiors? Bendis continues to amass the top of DC's artistic talent. Johns better hold on to Frank.
    I agree. That panel where Imra is making Damian think he's dreaming ? As controversial as it is, it's so damn gorgeous ! And all the characters looks great and unique. And expressive to boot, like Chameleon Boy on the last page who makes incredible faces. I hope Sook will stay here for long, because he's crafted so much of this LoSH that I can't see it working as well with another artist entirely, at least not yet.

    Bendis just better let Will Conrad on JLO duty !

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    One of the reasons I truly dislike the Legion as they're a bit manipulative and secretive just to keep their unique future intact. Also they have a unique dislike for the Batman and his family.

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    Saturn Girl has always been pragmatic to the point of being quasi-evil. When Superman mind-wiped Lois in Superman II, I was so mad. When Doctor Who mind-wiped someone recently I was so mad. Saturn Girl... has always done this kind of manipulative shit. I think Bendis has been screwing up Ultra Boy's characterization a lot (and also his costume). He strikes me as kind of small and nervous, not at all like the "Yee-Haw" gung-ho boy I know Jo to be. This Imra moment was unnerving, but very true to her character.

    Especially if Damian grows up to be Hitler. We'll see about that.
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