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    Default My MCU Phase 5 movie slate prediction

    I've thought about it and decided to share. We know what Phase 4 is, and that leaves us to imagine Phase 5 based on what we know, what's rumored, and what we can speculate. Leaving off Disney+ shows due to the variables making it hard to predict.

    My prediction is:

    Ant-Man 3
    Black Panther 2
    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
    Fantastic Four
    Captain Marvel 2
    Deadpool 3
    Spider-Man 4
    Avengers 5
    Silver Surfer

    What do you guys think?

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    I'd agree with every guess except Excalibur. Honestly I'd rather they make a Exiles movie. Dr starnge introduce the multiverse and then have the Exiles play fully in that world. So many fun things you can do.

    I think some of that might end up in phase 6. Silver Surfer is something I want really bad. Visually you could make something insanely different and crazy. Just needs to be a Space epic with the surfer going to cool exotic planets. Could even have him appear in the present in F4 and other Marvel movies but his movie be his journey right when he became the surfer. Ego could make a small appearance, Thanos, Collector/Grandmaster, Odin, or any cosmic characters who have been around a long time. Now not all of them I dont want a endless line of cameos. I'm just saying characters who could appear in some minor role. Yea just think Silver Surfer has endless potential.

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    Secret Invasion as a Captain Marvel movie, Dark Reign and Annihilation as settings for movies over Phase Five and Six. An X-Men film a year with the Blue and Gold teams. And a parallel trilogy to Civil War, Infinity War and Endgame with Avengers vs X-Men, Coming Of Galactus and Secret Wars.

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