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    I mean isn't Superman also about not letting his immense power go to his head and that might shouldn't make right? Part of the reason he plays by the rules is that he wants to set the example that they need to apply to everyone.

    If the public feared him and he doesn't adhere to laws we draft to protect ourselves... Isn't Lex right about him? He's just someone flexing their power and getting what they want which just happens to be for our benefit... But for how long?

    Clark wants us to be better. He wants us to change. He does so via leading by example. Fearing him would just make him more of what we're used to: a white (or passing, but the public likely just considers him white) man with all the power in the universe getting away with whatever he wants because he's above the law...I think Clark needs to stand up when he sees injustice, but someone with his immense power and role in the world should be responsible with how he applies himself...
    THANK YOU!! This is exactly right. When people say Superman should be an everyman, they mean that Clark views himself as a person subject to the laws and mores of society just like everyone else and not as god-king of Metropolis.
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