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    Default Star Wars vs. Halo

    Empire era Star Wars. Expanded canon allowed for both sides.

    1: Covenant vs. Empire ground battles. Infantry vs. Infrantry. Vehicles vs. Vehicles.

    2: The Covenant attempt to invade Coruscant. Reach scale invasion effort.

    3: The Forerunners at their peak have to conquer the entire Star Wars universe.

    BONUS: Chief and arbiter armed with energy swords and plasma pistols vs the various Darths. One Darth at a time, weakest to strongest, gauntlet style.

    DOUBLE BONUS: The Didact vs the various Darths/Jedi. Also gauntlet style.
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    Hmm, I know little of Halo but EU Star Wars will be pretty nasty in fleet battles in terms of raw destruction what with the Death Stars and the Galaxy Guns and the Sun Crushers and such.

    Chief has better physicals than a lot of Darths; with his bullet-timing and slugthrower type weapon can probably shoot many of them. I’d give Bane with orbalisks the win over the duo but Chief is pretty well-specced to take out most Sith Lords before they can get going.

    Orbalisk Bane, Vader, Sion...those are the armored/survivable ones who come to mind that he debatably can’t just boom headshot. DOE Bane also could potentially pull off essence transfer after he dies, though I’m sure Chief probably has some willpower feats of his own that could contend.
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