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    Default Looking for writers

    Hello all. I want to start a writing project. I want to recreate the Marvel Universe in a line I call My Marvel Universe or MMU. I tried a little while back with my Spiderman story but then life happened so I couldnt continue it. Then when I went to get back to it my computer crashed so I lost it.

    But I am back to having lots of free time and have a new computer. I have ideas for several Fantastic Four Stories a few Spiderman, Xmen and Ironman stories.

    I am looking for someone who can help me create this world by writing stories for characters I am not very familiar with like Doctor Strange and cosmic heroes.

    I want this to be a fun and enjoyable hobby.

    So if anyone is interested please let me know and send me a om. I dont know if I will get a response to this but it is worth a try.

    I am not the greatest writer so its not like you have to be a master.

    I just thought this would be a fun thing to do with a couple people.

    I plan on doing Dc as well so if you are interested in that that is open as well.

    Pm me for details.

    Thanks for reading.

    BTW all the stories will be posted on here.
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    Hi @tbaron, are you still looking for co-writers? I've written several short fan fiction stories (2 of those were about Doctor Strange and his team of other cosmic heroes: some of those were simply made up). I will Pm you with the link to my Google Drive.

    access via essayhave

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    Edit: I also started working on a dystopian series: Lumuss. I can share the details, if you're interested.

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