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    Quote Originally Posted by Starter Set View Post
    I have said it and i will say it again, the best franchise ever for me is Gundam. Amazing how they managed to keep such a good level of quality over something like 40 years worth of shows, movies and oavs. Some not so good shows here and there of course but overall? That's amazing and Zeta Gundam for me is the best piece of sci-fi ever made. I rank it way higher than Star Trek or its slow cousin Star Wars.

    Harry Potter, you know, i hate how they butchered some characters just to make some others shine (like how they murder Ron and turn Hermione into wonder woman) but all in all that's one fine job. Sure, goblet of fire sucks and it was really pointless to make two movies for the Deathly Hallows but eh, money right? Gotta milk them while you can.

    Raimi's Spidey, Spider Man 2 is still to this day my favorite super hero movie.
    It's kind of too bad that Bandai sort of messed up the initial rollout of Gundam in the US, trying I think to compete with Pokemon and Dragonball Z here, but I think some weren't really onboard with the older series's animation (Not that Gundam Wing was state of the art) or were uninterested in the primary merchandise, the models (There were some action figures but they were of pretty dodgy quality at times) . Thankfully in the last few years streaming services (Including Sunrise's own Gundaminfo) and Right Stuf have been releasing the series without major problems. Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    If we are not talking money but 1) longevity, 2) name recognition, 3) Relatively little variation in quality and 4) Giving the fans what they want then
    “Nobody does it Better” than Bond. James Bond.

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    Book purists can find plenty of issues with LOTR (trust me with that, and I'm NOT talking about the Hobbit trilogy). But overall, still good.
    Harry Potter, films are okay. But plotholes tend to pop up in the later films because the early ones skipped over certain things (Like Hermione and Ron meeting Dobby).
    Star Wars. Well, the prequels gained a cult following even before the sequel trilogy came out. Though the ST brought with it a lot more controversy then most thought it would. Even having some claim the prequels were better Star Wars films then the sequel trilogy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starter Set View Post
    Poor woman is experiencing what the scientists call the "George Lucas syndrome", AKA the "Ridley Scott complex", she has reached such a level of notoriety that everyone just say yes to every crap she has the misfortune to come with. (and boy, she sure had no shortages of those since the end of the last HP book, good f***ing god...)

    A swift kick in the butt tend to help. It did work for George and thanks the Force he is sane again now.
    WB brought in the Harry Potter movies screen writer to co-write the 3rd movie with Rowling after the 2nd didn't get the critical (or financial) success they hoped for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackalope89 View Post
    Book purists can find plenty of issues with LOTR
    Only two things who bothered me were Theoden and Denethor portrayal.

    Now, the actors were great and all, but they were written in a very exaggerated way compared to the books characters. And that's something you can see often with Jackson way of writting, he is about as subtle as a warhammer.

    Especially when it comes to humor.

    Oh, actually there was something else lol, the way the army of the dead was used. Kinda takes everything from Rohan and Gondor soldiers really.

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