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    Quote Originally Posted by DrNewGod View Post
    A sound answer, but I also have a hard time seeing Cobra being willing to simply stay out of the Autobot's way. I doubt they could see that kind of wildly advanced technology within reach without wanting to seize for themselves.

    Of course, it would make for some fun watching Cobra and the Decepticons try to manage an inherently treacherous alliance with one another.
    Oh Cobra will do shit and the autobots may retaliate but they wont finish the fight.

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    In the marvel comic the decepticons didn't like cobra as they teamed up with gijoe and the autobots to fight them! Plus megatron sees cobra as bugs. In the generation 2 crossover he even tries to kill cobra commander till they make a deal to give megatron a new body in return he gives cobra a bunch of cybertron tech. Afterwords he laughs that "he got a new more powerful body and it only cost him a ship of cybertron junk!" Gijoe and the autobots still saw it a risk to let cobra keep it and blew the tech up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hybrid View Post
    Simple answer:

    The thought never crossed their minds as this was BEFORE the MCU took off.

    That said, I believe they've been planning a Hasbro Cinematic Universe for a while. The idea is to have Transformers, G.I. Joe, Micronauts, M.A.S.K., Rom: Spaceknight, Visionaries, and probably Power Rangers as well. They've planned this for a while, but haven't spoken of it but last I checked I believe it's still on the cards (they delayed Micronauts to better plan the universe). Bumblebee went from a Bayformers prequel to a full-on reboot, which could be used to launch Snake Eyes (also a reboot) and Micronauts into that universe, and then everything else. Just be careful. The reason the MCU is the only successful cinematic universe is because they actually took the time to build it, not rush to the big pay-off to fail.
    Is the Hasboro Universe still a thing? Kinda got the idea that it never went anywhere, and all reports seem to suggest that the future of the Transformers and Power Rangers franchises are in doing their own things.
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    Because up until about ten years ago a movie series being able to stand on it's own without the assistance of another was considered a good thing. Both the Transformers, and G.I. Joe series were in development, and active production years before Marvel managed to make interconnected universes standard in big budget IP adaptations. In recent years there has obviously been more consideration in creating a shared Hasbro universe of sorts, but the only real tangible fruit from that effort was a failed line of comics.
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    Continuity, even in a "shared" comics universe is often insignificant if not largely detrimental to the quality of a comic.

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    isn't there some crossover with the Hasbro properties going on currently, in the IDW comics?

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