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    That would be GREAT!! I never was a big Lex fan!! I'd like to see Lex behind bars!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Castiel View Post
    I'm talking about him being off the table entirely my main idea is for him to be cast into the Phantom Zone by Clark.
    There was a Year of the Villain Lex Luthor one shot that deals with this idea. I think the plan is to have the clone take over. But that doesn't need to happen for a year or so.

    So as far as giving Lex a break? I think its a good idea. There are some Superman villains that haven't gotten much story, Parasite comes to mind. I wouldn't mind seeing the Machinist from the New 52 show up again. There hasn't been a Metallo story in a while, or a Myx story. There are a ton villains that appeared in the nineties that had potential, but not a lot was done with them. Just a lot of directions to go.
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    I don't like what Snyder has been doing with Lex (or what Synder has been doing in general since the end of his New 52 Batman run) so I say yes. Stop using him for a year or two and then bringing him back in a big way would be the best thing for Lex IMO.

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