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    Quote Originally Posted by Digifiend View Post
    Yeah. It'd definitely be too soon for Dick Grayson to be replaced as Nightwing, as he'll have only just come back to the role (he just got his memory back, but can't tell which memories are fake and which are real - once he sorts that out, he'll be back, which should be just as 5G hits Batman). And quite frankly, Green Lantern has enough characters already. If they're changing focus from Hal, I'd give the spotlight to Jessica.

    I wonder, in cases like Batman, would the fifth gen hero even be taking over all of their books? Maybe Luke only takes over Batman, and Bruce still stars in Detective. Same goes for the Super books. Jon in Superman, Clark in Action?
    They could well be. It feels unfair to the fans of other JLers who don't have 2 dedicated books to only have the Black Label as an option but DC isn't known for fairness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadFacedKid View Post
    Francis Manapaul has stated he’s probably going to use his plans for Aquaman Earth One in 5G.
    Where/When did he say that?

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    I saw it on another site as if they were speaking to Manupul and he said that he would repurpose his plans more likely from Earth One for 5G I can’t find anything on it now other then someone’s reaction write up

    Strangely only on bleeding cool too. I had a link to where I originally saw it but can’t seem to find it heck it might of been on Bleeding Cool.

    Regardless I’d moreso rather it not happen cause I expect and Earth One book for Aquaman. Overall I don’t get why you’d change your main characters if you want to build a movie franchise with those same characters. I’ll give it a shot and decide if I like it or not though.

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