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    well post-Flashpoint John's origin is kinda tweaked, he goes straight from high school to the marines, did one tour in the middle east (iunno if they specify where) became a Sargent, was honorably discharged, finish school in San Diego, got a job out of school at Ferris Air where he got his ring. he would have to be 17-18 years old when he enlist with the marines because was doing it to afford college and one tour is at least 2-3 years; this would make John aprox. 20 by the time he's a Sargent and is doing relief in Gotham, which is where he gets court-martialed and leads to his discharge. mind you, at this time Batman is already active. so he's oldest 21 when he moves to California to get his degree, which would make him about 25 by the time he gets the degree. however, this is assuming he wasn't working toward his degree while with the marines, and given John enlisted expressly for his education it's possible, in which case we could knock like a year or two off and say he'd be 23. so John would be 23-25 years old when he got his Green Lantern ring at Ferris Air post-Flashpoint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tzigone View Post
    Yeah, but that was kind of a retcon all its own, because no one else that was the same age as him aged that much/visibly.
    There was a period there between Invasion and Zero Hour where they wanted the founding Justice Leaguers to be older. THE LONGBOW HUNTERS established that Oliver was older (40) which meant that Hal and Dinah also had to be older by association. Barry was dead, so his age wasn't an issue. Martian Manhunter is an alien of undetermined age. Katar Hol was rebooted out of continuity. Ray Palmer had regressed to a teen-ager because of the gene bomb. Aquaman appeared older--but being an Atlantean he might age differently. So that generation seemed to have been around for 15 or 20 years from the time that the JLA was first formed. Then Zero Hour happened, which killed off Ollie, and Hal died soon after and the DCU had a new timeline.
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