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    Default The Battle of Hogwarts, but the Death Eaters bring different creatures...

    The Battle of Hogwarts is raging on, but instead of the Dark creatures seen in the actual battle, the Death Eaters bring various monsters seen in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    2 of each breed of Hinox (including the Stalnox).

    2 of each breed of Wizzrobe.

    2 of each breed of Bokoblin (including Stalbokoblins, armed with various weaponry).

    2 of each breed of Moblin (including Stalmoblins, armed with various weaponry)

    2 of each breed of Lizalfos (including the Stallizalfos, armed with various weaponry).

    1 of each variant of Talus (Stone, Igneo, Frost).

    To make things a little... fair, I will replace the centaur colony with a herd of Lynels, 2 of each breed to replace the known centaurs seen in the Harry Potter books and films. The Lynels will be fighting on the side of the Hogwarts defenders.

    How will the battle go with these modifiers?
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