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    Default Best and Worst Arrowverse Fight Scenes

    With Arrow ending tomorrow night, this is the time to take a look back on all of the fight scenes that the show, as well as the other shows in the Arrowverse/CWVerse, have had. Arrow is best known for its fights, so it is safe to say that a lot of examples may come from it.

    To help, here is a list:

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    Best....for no particular reason...

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    Um Arrowverse is alive and well. Flash, Legends, and Batwoman are all 100% arrowverse shows while Supergirl and Black Lighting are adopted. Canaries if it gets picked up is another.

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    My personal favorite is still the S2 finale where Oliver's fight with Slade overlapped between past and present. Not just the best ARROW fight scene but one of the best on television, period.

    The S3 midseason finale duel with Ra's was also very good.

    The flashback sequence to Oliver's "The Hood" days in the series finale was one of the better action sequences as well.

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