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If they are going to give in to this then they might aswell cancel the show. Like it has been said before basically every character in the show is a stereotype of some sort. The show was always a satire and comedy as art is subjective, if you dont like it dont watch it.
And for the love of god DONT let the guy that started this voice the character now.
I'm a Mexican living in the US, my skin color is pretty light but I've got black hair, brown eyes and a thick accent when speaking English, I have experienced some discrimination, and yet I still dont understand modern sensitivities to be offended at everything and demanding forced representation on media. I can understand that the Bumbblebee man is NOT a serious representation of Mexicans.
You understand that. The problem is white people whose only interaction with Mexicans is what they see on television. Some of them might interpret the stereotypes they see as a fair representation of reality.