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    Quote Originally Posted by The Arbiter View Post
    Again, I wouldn't hand wave Thor or Tony immunity. It's not actually lightning/electricity as far as I know. It's an extension of whatever the Force is.

    Those types should survive just based on raw durability showings.
    I don't think that matters that much really.

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    From what I've seen, Thor and Captain Marvel would definitely beat him. They're just too powerful, even without Thor's feat when they forged Stormbreaker and both have ranged attacks that could lay Palpatine flat, if not reduce him to dust However, I think almost any of the Avengers would at least be able to get one or two wins out of ten against him, even or rather, especially Hawkeye with his explosive arrows assuming Palpatine is overconfident, something he's known to be when dealing with those he deems inferiors. Also, Steve with Mjolnir might be able to beat him more often than not if his shield can protect him from Palpatine's Force Lightning, assuming he doesn't win the quick draw. I also see Doctor Strange winning more often than not due to how he could use his portals to have Palpatine fry himself, and that's before taking into account a power on power fight.

    Spider-man would have a tougher time since he doesn't have any ranged attack that would disable or kill Palpatine and while he's fast and strong, if Palpatine saw him coming, he'd probably disable or kill him via TK. If he can get close, though, Spider-man might take it, especially if his suit goes into kill mode. For me, Hulk would have trouble due to lacking any ranged abilities unless he can use a thunderclap, though it's also debatable as to whether or not Palpatine would have the oomph to kill him, either. The same with Ant-man, though if he goes giant and can survive a Lightning barrage he might be able to step on the Sith Lord for a victory. I could also see Scarlet Witch beating him more often than not via her own TK, especially if she gets angry, especially since she was causing Thanos to freak out during her brief fight with him.

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