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    Default Superior Spider-Man vs The Batman Who Laughs

    The Batman Who Laughs is transported into the Marvel universe around the reign of the Superior Spider-Man with Doc Ock living in the body of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. This turns into a turf war with the two bringing whatever resources they can to bear against each other.

    Who wins?

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    Superior couldn't handle Green Goblin's Goblin Nation without ceding the mantle back to Peter Parker, and The Batman Who Laughs is even more bats*** and diabolical than Osborn at his worst. It would be an interesting fight, though I could see Spider-Norman Osborn from Spider-Geddon and the latter half of Superior Spider-Man's second run as a worthier opponent for The Batman Who Laughs, given that both of them represent their respective heroes' iconography and identities being corrupted and perverted by their worst enemies. In Spider-Norman's case, it's the man who would've been the Green Goblin in almost any other universe himself becoming (a) Spider-Man, and in The Batman Who Laughs' case, it's Batman proving his worst fears about himself true by essentially becoming the Joker after killing him. Rather poetic, in my view.
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    TBWL is just nuts. and i'm not seeing otto get over him in this situation.

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