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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosebunse View Post
    I just want to know, how would any Marvel team fair against the X-Men at this point? It honestly seems impossible to beat them with their sheer number of psychics and reality warpers. The other teams have Franklin Richards-maybe-and Wiccsn, Wanda, and...Loki? Maybe? When he's sad?

    I'm just not sure how this is supposed to go.
    It will "go" exactly the way the editors and writers want it to. That said, You should get your answer in the XMvF4 upcoming LS.
    Other than that...I truly hope there is no more XM vs the MU type storylines...that shyt is exhausted to the point of death or even worse, cliche.
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    I think we need to give Hickman a weeeee bit more credit than that. He wouldn't be spending week after week of self indulging storylines, favorite character grooming, seed planting, and weird plot twists to devolve into the standard "this will change the Marvel universe forever" epic nothing they give us every year.

    He's a very good writer. The last thing he'd do is make the Avengers storm the island. It's got to be bigger, better, and more Hickman sized than that. I'm still waiting to find out that the mutants we know that have been resurrected at least once are some kind of weird celestial pod person clone thing that acts as a gene cleansing time bomb or something.

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    I have hope in Hickman. He made something like Secret Wars work, so I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt.

    It feels like he's had to create some sort of fail-safe against the mutants, though another thing is, Krakoa is home to tons of just innocent civilians at this point. I can't see the Avengers just wantint to storm the island for that reason alone.

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