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    Default Man-Bat vs Morbius

    Man-Bat vs Morbius

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    The one who fights spider Man.

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    Morbius would win imo.

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    Depends on the boundaries. What is Man-Bat's traditional strength level? one ton? Slightly less? Multiple tons? Same with Morbius. I'm thinking he's always been less strong than Spider-Man (10 tons) but I don't know the exact boundary.

    Also, over the years, Morbius' power set has been inconsistently portrayed, in my opinion. Can he glide (via, what, hollow bones, low-level levitation aided by currents?) or does he have "true" flight? On the other hand, Man-Bat obviously has winged flight, and sonar. I don't think that Morbius has ever been portrayed as having sonar. But also I remember him at one point having hypnotism power (somehow).

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