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    Default Justice League Animated Universe

    Hi guys.
    I made a post once asking what Justice League Animated Movies/Series I should watch. It helped, but also confused me. I want to know what Movies/Series are in what Universe, and if I miss any Important Movie/Series that I should watch and in what order.
    I got following Movies/Series in my watchlis:
    -Justice League 2001 Animated Series
    -Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
    -Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
    -Justice League: Dark
    -Justice League: War
    - Young Justice

    Help you can help me out

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    Justice League (and JLU) from 2001 is its own thing. Crisis on 2 Earths was originally meant to be a bridge between the first series and JLU, but there's enough differences that it is its own standalone film.

    JL: Flashpoint Paradox, Dark, and War are all part of the current animated film continuity. There are several more films that are also part of this, some better then others, but yeah.

    Young Justice (3 seasons thus far, with a 4th on the way) is also its own universe and separate continuity from the others mentioned.

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