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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaastra View Post
    Well prof X got a clone body in the 90s so he could walk again then his clone body got his legs broke (What are the odds of him ending in a wheelchair twice with two bodies? It's almost like some writer wanted to recon him back to their childhood instead of gong forward with him. But marvel would never do that right?)

    Didn't the red skull use a few clone bodies also? Thor has two clones running around and isn't x23 a clone of wolverine? Isn't the lizards family clones?

    Vision is not in his real body but a evil vision from another universe he switched minds with. (people forget about that one) His real body was white at the time.

    I think Xavier had problems with the clone body at first because his brain wasn't adjusting to not being handicapped. So he had to go to space for a while to get away from the stress of running the X-Men and other things.

    Then the Shadow King broke his legs again during the Muir Island storyline. Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    Wasn't Tony replaced by a younger version of himself. Then had his mind wiped and rebooted. Then had body destroyed and had his mind downloaded into a clone. Same with Rhodey.

    Didn't Peter shed his skin and grow an entirely new body?

    Didn't Dr. Octopus die and copy his brain into a robot an download his brain into a clone of Peter Parker then make a deal with the devil to get his old body back.

    Isn't Red Skull dead and now a clone with his memories walking around thinking he is the original Red Skull?

    You get my point it's comics these things are normal

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    There is simple way to solve these issues it is called reboots, It is chance to place stories in modern era and do clean up on world but when a world has to be continuous forever and sometimes one writer kills a character but another writers wants to use the character and stuff like this happens. Pick your poison on this stuff where continuity stretches they are cracks clones and franklin richards being young teen is part of those cracks.

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