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    Quote Originally Posted by docmidnite View Post
    Not my point. Barda and Wonder Woman aren’t martial artists. They’re trained warriors/soldiers. It’s like someone from the army taking on Chuck Norris in his prime.
    .....what do you think soldiers and warriors practice? these are people who are trained in combat, both armed and unarmed; if an experienced trained killer fought chuck norris in his prime, even unarmed, they would probably kill him. martial arts is literally just the style and techniques practiced within a particular culture of combat, any warrior trained in combat are practicing the martial arts of their combat culture. a lot of soldiers today, like the marines for example, are trained under a system that incorporates aspects of multiple martial arts styles to most efficiently dispatch a threat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by docmidnite View Post
    Soldiers/warriors are usually trained in one of two kinds of fighting techniques. Martial artists are trained in several or more (like Bruce Lee’s fighting style Jeet Kune Do was a mixture of over several Asian martial arts)
    Once again, the two are not mutually exclusive. The term "martial artist" merely indicates that person practices one or more forms of martial arts. Which includes warriors and soldiers. Which is where many styles were born anyway.

    True, a martial artist may not be a soldier or warrior. However, practically by default, most soldiers (barring hastily drafted civilians and what not), and certainly all warriors, would be martial artists.

    A martial artist can know only 1 style, or know numerous styles. The title is not limited by number. Nor is it mutually exclusive from other titles such as "soldier", "warrior", or whatever else you can throw in there.

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